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New Arsenal Kit Already on Sale in America!

Kit manufacturers have a mystical importance to many football supporters that is so profound that many would rather get less money from their kit deal if it meant they got the right brand.

At Arsenal, that right brand is Adidas. Fans have lauded the return to the club of Adidas as the kit manufacturer as the brand conjures warm nostalgia for some of the greatest kits of yesteryear.

It isn't unfair to say that PUMA has not been a popular manufacturer during their time at Arsenal. Few of the designs went down well and none had near universal appeal. However, their contract comes to an end on the 30th June and Adidas launches their new kits on July 1st.

However, some lucky Gooners in the USA are already able to buy the home kit well ahead of the official launch date after Dicks Sporting Goods in Charlotte was snapped selling the latest Arsenal garb. Sadly the rest of us will have to wait another 10 days but you can visit Insport for other great Adidas gear.


If you haven't seen the leaked images of the kit yet you're in for a treat. The new kits look awesome and really call back to the great kits of the 80s and 90s. It's not hard to imagine the latest kit breaking records for sales.

new arsenal adidas kits

The home and away shirts first leaked with the above picture of Aubameyang in the familar yellow away and Lacazette in the traditional home red. Both designs are classy throwbacks that fans will connect with especially after some of the monstrosities PUMA were putting out towards the end (it was like they just didn't care any more!)

The new away kit looks like a trendy faded version of the iconic 1991-92 away kit worn by a team fresh off the back of an almost undefeated campaign. Now, whilst Arsenal had to wait 13 more years to go unbeaten in the league that title winning team is no less worth of plaudits. Goonersphere contributor and all round top notch writer, Dan Betts, wrote a book about that team and we would urge you to read it!

The home kit modelled by Lacazette is comfortingly familiar. Just looking at it is like getting a great big hug. And that neckline!

The Adidas kits of old are remembered fondly for the incredible achievements made by the players whilst wearing them. The new kits have the aesthetics down perfectly so now it's up to the team to great the best of memories in them.

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