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Arsène Wenger has often been lauded for bringing a new philosphy to the Premier League and being one of the catalysts for a change that has seen the Premier League become the best league in the world. When Wenger joined Arsenal he brought European training methods and convince his players to buy into a holistic approach to professional football, including eating and living right that extended the careers of many of the famous Tuesday club.

In recent years professional football has come along even further with the influx of technology and sports science raising the bar and introducing athletic standards to all clubs in Great Britain.

Technical brilliance will only get you so far in the game and modern footballers need to be high-performance athletes as well. This truly professional attitude towards professional football sees today’s stars spending as much time on fitness and at the gym as they do on the training pitch. Players are tracked on the distance that they cover over the space of a 90-minute match and consistently run 7-9 miles per game which is significantly more than in most other major sports.

Compare a modern footballer to field hockey players who run on average 5.6 miles, tennis players who cover three miles and basketball stars on 2.5 miles and you can see how astronimcally fit players have to be. Given that the majority of movement from footballers is sprinting and tracking opponents, it makes the feat all the more impressive.

Repeating this week-in, week-out, for club and country, playing up to 60 games in a season is testament to the conditioning of the world’s best players and the levels of stamina and endurance they need to maintain.


Ladbrokes offers you the chance to win a free FIFA 14 game

So to celebrate the endurance and fitness of modern-day footballers and the fans’ dedication to the game, Ladbrokes are offering a free FIFA 14 game to one of you lucky readers (we all know that endurance is playing FIFA for 12 hours straight against rivals all over the world). Ladbrokes also holds it’s own Endurance Challenge, with onlike poker players winning points and potentially a financial windfall from their dedication to a marathon session with the cards.

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Please note that this competition is only open to UK residents.

Make sure that you also check out Ladbrokes’ Endurance challenge for September, for your chance to win big at poker.


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