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What does being on the Away Team mean?

Being on our Away Team is our way of saying you're on our blogroll and we have a prominent position on our site for a link back to yours. You don't have to link to us to be on the Away Team but if you want to add us to your blogroll then we'd be much obliged.

Can I become a Goonersphere writer?

We encourage writing so we are always open to hearing from new writers for Goonersphere. If you want to find out more please use the contact form to request more details or just register here and get started. We also run a service called YouWrite which allows Gooners to blog without committing to writing regularly or starting their own site. If you haven't written before that may be a place to start.

What can I write about?

Anything you like as long as it is somehow Arsenal related. Currently, we are looking for writers for these topics. That said, we aren't in the business of telling people what to write about and only want people to cover those topics if they have a particular interest in them. If you want to write about something else then that's great too.

Will I be censored? I have a unique sense of humour.

We love humour and many of our writers enjoy the odd satirical piece and we produce one of the most unique and darkly humoured podcasts on the web so that kind of work is always welcome but as with everything, there are limits. An editor will always look over your articles before they are published and swear words may be starred out to ensure your content makes it on to the aggregators but other than that, not really. You have complete autonomy over what you write, the editor's job is to ensure your content is in peak condition and sometimes that means a few tweaks. There are obvious exceptions to what we will allow on our site as we are a collaborative site and what one writer pens affects the others so prejudicial language will not be tolerated.

How often do I have to contribute to be a columnist?

We don't place any expectations on any of our writers for regular or scheduled content. We believe that writing is a creative process and the best stuff comes from a place of spontaneity and equanimity. Telling you when to write would be counterintuitive to those beliefs. As such, you can write as little or as often as you please. The only time restraints we have on articles is match previews and reports but we do our best to ensure those writers aren't under pressure to meet a deadline by having plenty of capable rotation writers to cover them as and when is required.

What are you looking for in a writer?

Good written English, a personal style and a passion for quality writing. Transfer stories are great to get the old debates going but sensationalism and cheap titillation for hits is better suited elsewhere.

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